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October 9, 2013


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These thoughts were preserved on my mind for many months now.
Since I started analysis of artworks, I always had a strong focus on the character behind the works.
But still it is hard to write about this, because I cannot give any concrete example for what I mean as no single artwork is neutral enough to talk about it, without giving ideas about the person who created it. Around us there are thousands of profiles, each one telling a different, unique story.  Now I am not going to spend any word about the art anymore, just the artists I met so far.

I saw people filled with inner darkness, expressing their suffering through black and white, abstract works. All they try is making people see their darkness, sharing their inner worlds in a way that we might understand them. I have something to say to these: It is good to express emotions, it is great to share feelings with others and to find comfort doing this. But there is a high price to be paid. By creating such a reality, we focus more and more on this darkness, we might forget about things in life that bring a smile on our face, we might even think, that this is all there is in life. Of course, there are wounds that cannot heal easily, beloved people who died, horrible scenarios on our mind, fears and disgust. All these thoughts that burned themselves deep into our minds are reflected in our art, but vice versa we can also add more darkness to them, making reality darker and darker with each artwork.
I know that it might feel disgusting to do the opposite from what your mind is thinking about - bright and colourful, beauty without decay, documenting joys and lucky moments, but by collecting these images on our mind, contrary to the dark world, we can re-discover life in a more optimistic way.

I also saw people longing for popularity and attention, doing everything to be seen: Submitting their works in hundreds of groups, adding billions of favourites every day to make people visit their works (or just to increase this number that suggests to be important/meaningful...), posting short comments or even adding you as a friend to make you watch them back.
Some of them have gentle hopes; they really try to make a living out of art and it must be very hard and energy-consuming. Others just do it for their sense of self-worth. They are unsure about their own talents, their own physical look or body and they rely on strangers, (which do not know much about them) to tell them that they are good. Do we live for numbers? Can we eat praise? Is there any good sense in this wish? Do we prosper from others seeing our nudity? Do we feel important, beautiful or wanted then? Answer these questions on your own. Why do you put yourself so low, why do you compare yourself so much to others? - To people you think are much better (artists) than you, maybe even just because they are popular. But there is a huge gap between quality and popularity and you will feel this when you submit your own favourite works and "nobody" seems to like them. I know this thought very well - I think every artist has felt this disappointing sadness. I have to tell you: You alone have to love or at least like what you do. You alone decide what is "true art", "good taste", "creative" and "meaningful". If you search your worth in other people you are like a sailing ship that is a toy for the wind, because you don't decide the course.

Furthermore, I met photographers which first inspired me, day by day. Until the moment the magic was lost. It was that very moment that I realized that they are just doing all the same, copying each other, pilgrimming to "magic" places, because they had seen them somewhere and they decided to forget about all beauty in their nearby environment, just to take "that certain photo of a certain place" they had seen on the internet. If you people do not adore waterfalls, stop shooting them. If you do not adore Iceland, stay at home. I think this photographic travelling is sometimes a pity for every resident living in that area, because they just see people with watches, taking maybe one day, or one week to capture all their treasures on their camera's sensor, but not even knowing anything about what they see. They post those famous descriptions under these works that every tourist might see visiting that place. The same people also think that a certain combination of quality, rule-of-thirds, longtime-exposure, postwork saturation and colours can create a certain effect that will everyone make excited about their art. But they lack soul, they lack reflexion over their subject, before they press the shutter, they are following a utopian idea called "the perfect photograph".
I just have to preach you: A good photographer takes good pictures of anything (he wants), everywhere in the world, even the dust on his own shoes. I unwatched them all, they do not inspire me at all anymore.

Similar to the last group are some who are studying arts. They follow a certain style of photography, obviously visible especially in fashion photography. They shoot series to prove that they can stick to a certain topic, to prove that they can satisfy your wish, when you book them to shoot a certain style. I can smell any of these photo students on 50 miles - and they do not smell very well. And it is easy: Even just looking at titles, without looking at the typical style of their works, you will realize that they have learned to shoot series "blue mind 01, blue mind 02, blue mind 03...." Many of them are filled with arrogance, thinking that they are "true" artists, just because they are studying arts - and those are the worst students of this kind. I do not criticise art students in general, but when I see that some of them just absorb their professor's ideals, ... Good art students are those who do not look like typical art students, I think.

Others are dreamers, they put all their hopes and wishes into their works. They take pictures of old watches, keys, sometimes flowers and much more. Consequently, they have strong symbolism in their works. Most of them are open books. And everyone who takes the time, can read their stories and hearts, if he understands their language. It is hard to conclude anything about these, because they are all different, they just use the same way to express themselves.
But I have also words for you: Waiting for people to read your story most of the time is disappointing. Many just have eyes for themselves. I don't want to claim that waiting for someone to read this unique book is your intention - but people being aware of the chance to learn a lot about you, are rare. Maybe in some cases it might be very important to transform your wishes into reality, which is sometimes hard work, but possible. Dreaming can make oneself passive and inactive, be aware of this. We should reconsider everything we dream of as many of us are chasing rainbows, which contain nothing but disappointment in the end. I can just warn about putting one's sense in life into something that won't last eternally, because you will definitely lose it someday and your world will fall apart. But this is not said to discourage you, just to prevent you from bitter regret.

Some artists are great, they specialized on a certain field, which they know very well. I like to invite you to change your field of profession at least sometimes, because from the distance you can reflect over your own art much better. That means that if you leave your favourite area, concentrating on something else, you will see what you did before with other eyes, which will help you transform your favourite kind of art into something better and better. Sadly, I must admit that sometimes these repetitions take away the magic of the idea. In the same way someone who makes movies might have problems enjoying any movie without analysing it. It is still very important to create unique artworks, with thought-out concepts. Good examples of this kind of artist are some architecture photographers, which are prone to repeat certain angles, compositions, colour combinations.

Another group of people is using an art community in the same way they are using everything else: As a chance to get in touch with potential partners (talking about relationships, not about business or companions etc.) or just to passively look at them, collecting pictures of their dream type, writing "charming" words under those people's self-portraits which are longing for popularity and/or attention. They know exactly what they do and if you browse their favourites or check out their own works or their profile, you will find an accumulation of certain kinds of people (e.g. young girls which are searching for praise). Some of these searchers are isolated in real life, using the Internet to get in touch with people. This is not necessarily something bad, but sometimes it can get really nasty, I think.

The last group I want to talk about is doing something I cannot understand emotionally, but it is fascinating and interesting for me. I am talking about "art appreciators" , which do not submit any art, already being happy enjoying other people's works. I think that many of those who appreciate art so much, could be great artists themselves. I would like to encourage you to share your own ideas, creativity with the world! But I also understand when someone wants to stay incognito, not giving any hint about himself, because he might have been hurt or insulted by others before. This is often visible in their favourites.

Some months ago I was reading Kahneman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow' which is quite a brilliant book. In one chapter the author introduces a thinking-fallacy he calls "WYSIATI".
It stands for "What You See Is All There Is" and it's absolutely ironic, because humans are prone to judge just based on what they see, and not on "what they DON'T see".
In the same matter I want you to understand that this journal entry is not made to categorize every person using deviantart - I am just sharing with you what I have observed. It's your turn to use it in a productive, non-destructive way.

Cheers and share, if you think it was worth reading!

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VicEberly Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
A thought-provoking journal.  Well-considered, well-expressed.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
My pleasure, sir!
Deeteehome Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
Wunderbar geschrieben! Sie haben gute Beobachtungsgabe. War gut zu lesen.
Wonderfull gallery with alot of variatey will have to come by and visit from time to time.
Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Thanks a lot :)
I am glad people appreciate the article!
have a good new year!
Sarah-BK Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I have nothing else to add on to this. Honestly - I love how your mind works. I really do.

Thank you for such an insightful article - I've thought a lot about many of the aspects mentioned, just not in such an organized format.
Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
I always liked to analyse (/getting to understand) things :)
Thank you!
Glad to see there are some reflective people out there. People seem not to think about themselves or others much anymore.
They fuel their engines, but they rarely know why and where they want to go.
Sarah-BK Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Same here - so I totally understand you! I've even been told by someone who recently got to know me that 'I think too much'. I don't think there's anything such as too much thinking if it doesn't do harm :) And more often than not, the thinking stops me from doing (or not doing) anything I will regret later.

That's true - many only focus on what to project rather than about the 'consequences' of what they are projecting as a result. And for the thinkers like us, we get told we're judgmental  and that it's wrong to judge -.- (instead of just realizing we are just highly observant, taking in and trying to understand what is being projected at us by them after all)...

I think most people just want instant gratification - it takes them to a short-lived destination of feeling important for a little while, but in the long run takes many of them nowhere significant. The internet has a lot to blame for this I believe. A lot of people also like to take the easier route... but what is life if you don't continuously challenge yourself and continue to learn?

Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
I see.
Yes, I frequently get to hear the same "You are thinking too much".
I mean I know that too much thinking can be unhealthy, but that is just when one is caught in his/her thoughts (vicious circle) without any productive outcome.
But usually this sentence is not making much sense at all.

I am sure that the mayority of humankind is thinking too little! Sustainable thinking is getting more unfamiliar every day, I think. Especially when it comes to self-awareness and self-reflection.
I am also concerned about the consequences of materialsm and consumism. Some people seriously think: " I am not happy now, but if I had that... (iphone whatever), I would feel much better."
And they even enjoy unpacking the box, enjoying the look of something new and expensive, but just after a few days they look for the next destination point, because they are rarely satisfied with technical gadgets etc. In photography the same happens saying: "If I had your camera, I would..."

I am reading books about the influence of Internet on modern thinking (at least I have already ordered them!) (… )
They are all using new technologies, but they do not think how this technology shapes them. What I see nowadays are "Internet slaves" who even need to see the latest posts of their friends on Facebook when they are on holidays on a caribbean island.... It's getting more absurd every day. "I have no time, I have no time" they say, but they are wasting a mayority of their free time with uselessness (apps, facebook, checking emails, browsing through the Internet, and also sometimes spending too much time on deviantart, which is not healthy, either.)

Scientists even say that using search engines like google makes us more lazy every day. We think: "Oh I can look that up, I don't have to remember it." - In older generations people had to remember and learn things by heart, but nowadays we cannot even calculate something like 12 x 13 without a calculator. (Of course there are exceptions, but I guess the principle remains true)
Cloud-Factory Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
Excellent read. It's good to see some shared thoughts/feelings regarding different types of DA users/artists, even better when trying to figure out where you fit and actually consider some of the points that you feel you can apply to yourself and try out. I read a aparagraph and didn't wanna wait to finish work before reading the rest hehe
Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
Thank you kindly. I am really happy people enjoy my thoughts and/or finding them useful :)
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