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April 2


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The following words are some fragments of things which are on my mind recently, and I want to share it with everyone, because I think these thoughts affect us all and we cannot wait for officials to elucidate everything! I want you to spread this article, if you agree with it. You are free to discuss, print, copy and paste etc. everything I have written here.

When I think about capitalism in the world I see that companies do everything for the sake of money, selling their products. That should not surprise anyone and nobody really trusts in all the lies of modern television advertisement. But when we apply this thought on the mass media things might not be that obvious to everybody.
Still media are part of capitalism, money, selling and certain interests which are determined by the boss of a media concern. It is fundamentally import to understand that there is no neutral ground as every person in the media has an interest which is nowadays mostly capitalistic. After hearing about the internal censorship of newspapers and television channels, I had to understand that every news magazine, every media has to stick to its customers which are paying the media for their advertisement. When we think back around 60 years ago when in Germany Hitler controlled the media, everyone is aware now that he used this powerful machine to control and to influence the masses. This has never been different. We should not dare to think that any newspaper wants to tell us the truth, if its mission is to sell products, to spread certain thoughts or ideologies. It also highly affects how we think about the world and other people. It tells us that a certain style in clothes is "in" and other things are "out", not because there is a great philosopher which has had a vision about "true beauty" or "the best possible outfit", but because the companies want you to feel old-fashioned and ugly in your old clothes, even if they are still in a good shape.
But this is not all, this is even ridiculously unimportant compared to its other functions. Innovative people on the energy technology market get to know the darkest side of media when they realize that their inventions are just ignored or turned into ridicule, because it would reduce someone else's profit (e.g. the big car industry). The industry which is already existing is defeating every new competitor by denouncing inventions and their inventors.
And this is the part when ALL of us come into the game; When we listen to the (mass) media and we do not question what they preach to us, then we automatically accept their information as truth and even defeat those mentioned inventors ourselves. We are taking part in the propaganda machine every day, when we judge someone or something because we heard negative things about it in the media, without further examination of the subject.
In the end, "your" worldview is seeded by the media first, so that you feel really bad if someone gives you contrary information. Just imagine a guard who is standing in front of fort knox for 30 years, giving his best to defeat this precious place. If you would tell him; "Hey, there is no more gold in fort knox, why are you standing there?" he will automatically defeat your point, because otherwise he would have to admit that 30 years of work have been completely useless. And it's really hard to admit such a mistake, driving the guard into mental defense.
A lot of people are defeating such empty treasure chests and it takes a lot of work to convince them to change their point of view. When you might laugh about people with overweight, uncommon worldviews, people who are acting/looking/thinking different from the masses then you are already part of the metabolism which has captured our modern world's society. The media itself will provide you with the weapons to shoot at their enemies, but actually you don't have to pull the trigger. Don't be afraid of strange people, especially when they do NOT support the viewpoint of the masses, because the viewpoint of the masses is always the viewpoint which you shall have yourself. Fashion and worldviews do not come into existance randomly, most of them are induced into society like an injection at the doctor's place.

Always think about interests. Who profits from your intellectual murder if you follow the advise of the capitalistic media system, shooting on people who have contrary viewpoints? Start questioning things, contrary to what you have learned at school, when you just stupidly had to rephrase your teacher's words, accept his/her authority, instead of using your own mind, practising constructive thinking, alternative solutions in math or other interpretations of poetry and literature apart from those which your teacher has presented you as the "truth". I respect and tolerate every teacher who supports this autonomous and critical thinking and who does not expect his/her pupils to believe everything she/he teaches. And this is leading me to the next point:

Stop relying on experts. Keep in mind that they are also part of the capitalistically corrupted system. Many experts are working for the industry, e.g. the pharma industry supports the universities financially to get influence on the department. "Kindly providing" them with neutral information about science and ways to treat every sick person with their great medicine. So stop relying on experts, unless you know their background so that you are able to measure if you can really trust them. Their economically interest highly distorts the truth, many of them would lose their jobs if they spoke critically about their company/ideology. So be brave, learn to trust your own logical thinking, "do the math" (test information/numbers by simple logic). Be aware that in the age of Internet EVERYONE can become an expert, if he is interested and motivated to study a certain topic.
In cases of this enduring economical crisis, induced rebellions (Ukraine), wars and other strange events politicians are acting absolutely absurd. How can the USA lead wars against so many country without getting any penalties, when on the other side Russia is being excluded from the "G8" just because they were not willing to give up their military base and their cultural roots. The national referendum for the Crimean people was the most democratic way which could have been choosen. No war, no victims, no blood at all. Is that really a reason to transform politicians into such bad actors which are trying to sell this as a scandal to us? I don't think so. And I think their artificial negative excitement about Russia is absolutely ridiculous. So many years of peace and diplomacy between Russia and Europe/the states now played down because of such a triteness? Well, I'd like to over-think this on your own, just be aware that if you do not care about global (or local) politics, if you do not care about our government's decisions etc. , the media just got you exactly where they wanted you to be.
Today I want to encourage you to move your mind away from this propaganda machine and to turn yourself to a critical thinking, questioning the lies of the mass media and to be willing to change your innermost perception of this world. Because if you don't, time itself will do that for you, time with a bitter taste and hate, instead of knowledge and understanding. Don't wait for a crisis to take away from you what you have achieved in hard work over the years. React now, get your money from your bank and buy something that is not going to zero when the system brakes down. The most tongue-biting fact is, that big companies and banks are already transfering all their money into goods. After the crisis they will be even more powerful. Small companies will not survive the crisis, but the global players will prosper from the crisis. (Which is not surprising, concerning those many sources which claim that they are letting the system crash on purpose. Just help yourself and do some serious research here, it's astonishing. A simple mechanism to take away from the masses and to give to the powerful).
Also be well-aware that the Internet is still a young child, which soon will become an adult, unwilling to be open, free and independent. Censorship, limited access and a general cooptation of the world is not as far from the Western world as we might think. If we do not spread messages like this (article)now, who will be able to warn the world later? The future of the Internet is unsure, undefined and it is a powerful tool which is a thorn in the eyes of the powerful, because more and more fact are revealed to the public, especially in the economical field and the global monetary system. If we hear about all those secret meetings of the "important" people worldwide, we should really wonder why these things cannot be addressed in public. Some years ago I read a book by Knigge who had be part of some secret societies (check at wikipedia, if you want). He wrote something really interesting in one of his books: "Everything which is honourable and good can be spoken out loudly. No sound idea needs to be hidden in the dark."
Many politicians are part of this darkness and those who are not willing to join them or to give up their fight against them are vilified in the media so that the people wants them to give up their position. The nuclear catastrophy of Fukushima opened my eyes some years ago; Even if politicians want to tell the truth, they are FORCED to lie often. Simply imagine what would have happened if the Japanese politicians had told the people that the amount of radiation has been WAY to high, so that whole cities would have been evacuated. A mass panic would be the result of such an honest political act. So the government was forced to lie about the radiation, because they had to choose the best outcome of the situation. Same things are happening now with the economical crisis worldwide. Politicians are forced to lie, because they cannot risk a massive bank run and all the chaos resulting from it. But the fact is, that the whole world is bankrupt. There is no way out of this desaster and everyone will suffer from this. (Except from those who have known about the future and who have taken appropriate actions to minimize their personal loss.) So please do not wait for politicians to take your hand, telling you about the truth. This will never happen. Act now, inform yourself what you can do to minimize your loss, similar to those big companies worldwide. Now that we are chronically BEFORE the breakdown, it is easy to keep one's worldview, thinking that everything will stay the same as before. And it is easy to think of me as a paranoid, or a complete pessimist. If you want to think that. But AFTER the breakdown, regret will be useless. Of course you can start thinking about an umbrella when you are already standing in the rain, but I doubt that that is a wise decision. I prefer to first consider the catastrophy, and then to get into it (or even avoiding it completely). Don't hunt the critical thinkers of this world as other societies have done it in the past - accept the thought that the world is controlled by the banks and economy, not by politicians which are creating the illusion of a democratic world, in which the people, the masses determine the course and the aims of government. When we elect politicians who have no responsibility for what they promise to us before the election, which are much less powerful than the global players, companies who can blackmail a whole state with their immense influence, then we are no longer living in democracy! And yes, I know what you might think now: "I cannot change this system and I have other things to think about wich affect me much more than this."
- Yes, we won't easily change this system, but that is not the point; the point is yourself. An honourable unwillingness to believe what they want you to believe, an unwillingness which stops you from running into a war as a soldier, just because your government has invented a myth (e.g. weapons of mass destruction in Iran to get the oil, destroying the world trade center to have a reason to lead wars/get more oil, creating/supporting terrorism to have an excuse for stronger controls of people, observing every honest citizen who might threaten the structure of the powerful), a myth to make you kill other innocent people which have as little fault to the situation as yourself, which have never harmed you before. Of course there can be a justified war! - Defeating the global bank mafia or the private brainstew media, but as these scenarios have no economical driving force, no company backing them up financially, these events are hardly realistically and thus quite unprobable to happen. Just don't do what you are told, use your potential, don't be part of the elite system; neither actively nor passively. And don't just blame politicians, they are left without a big choice nowadays. Many have spoken the truth, but their words remained unheard, or they have been distorted, because the filter of mass media censorship won't tell you any critical word. Think about John F. Kennedy who was shot for he was determined to fight the corrupted structures of modern day "democracy". Listen to his speeches and you easily understand why he was shot.
If we all do our part spreading the truth all over the world, we can mobilise many people. We have to use the chances of a free Internet to spread this message NOW, before we have a censorship as elsewhere in the world. Keep your eyes open for alternative media sources which provide you with a much wider range of facts, not just always reporting the same propaganda again and again. This is a resistance which starts on your mind; be unwilling, be critical, be sand in the system.

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Cantabrigian Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
If you took all the wealth of the world and distributed it equally between each and every individual on the planet I guarantee you that within a year those scales of financial balance would not remain even. Some people have an uncommon knack of making money, others struggle to hold on to it. This is the way of human nature. It will never change. There will always be a small percentage of people with a large percentage of the worlds wealth, and a large percentage who fight over what remains. Some are born into abject poverty and therefore have little hope beyond the charity of others. Of those unfortunate people a few will climb out of the gutter and reach the stars (metaphorically speaking of course). Others will suffer a life of deprivation while the first world sips its super skinny latte at Arsebucks.

But the vast majority of people will live a routine and mediocre life of work, sleep, and hoping against all odds for a life changing win on the lottery. Yes, the media will throw all they have at them, trying to sell us shit we don't need, but at the end of the day those people have a choice: buy the latest iphone / don't buy the latest iphone. Watch vapid celebrity trash on TV / don't watch vapid celebrity trash on TV. Have Botox injections in your lips / don't have Botox injections in your lips. Go to the pub every Friday night and drink yourself into a coma / don't go to the get the picture. It is not for anyone but ourselves to decide how we live our lives. If someone is weak minded enough to be sucked in to trying to buy the perfect life then they're probably not strong minded enough to do anything about it. But who is to say they are not happy in there own way. If that is their idea of a fulfilling life then just let them get on with it.

I agree with virtually all that you say, but when you have human freewill to contend with you're not going to change anything. We're living in a shallow, celebrity worshipping, hedonistic, materialistic, look at me, must have it now, disposable, society. These traits have become the norm. If you're not a part of this culture then you're some kind of weird social pariah. If you don't document your 'awesome' life hourly on Twitter you're an outcast. If you don't have at least five million followers on Facebook then you're a nobody. But it doesn't matter one bit if this makes you sad, angry or frustrated because it will always be this way; perhaps even get worse. People are what they are. The best you can do is be who YOU want to be and screw the rest. Don't waste valuable time trying to change the world, just get out there and do what makes you feel good; within the bounds of public decency of course.

Be happy.
Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
And thanks for your comment.
The story of the money flow (due to certain ways of dealing with money) is one of my favourite.
I am sure that people have been like that all time in history. I agree with what you say about it.

I especially like your last paragraph, how you describe normality nowadays.

I think this article was written more for people like you, who are already interested in these matters.
I enjoy writing/reading about this topic very much.

If anyone gets a little more aware/reflective in his life, this article has been successful. I just think I had to share my thoughts with the world, what happens afterwards is a little like fishing.
Cantabrigian Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
How ironic; I was in the middle of writing a reply to you when an advertisement for something I really don't want or need popped up on my screen and obliterated my notes so I had to start all over again.

You sound like you're where I was at a couple of years ago. I thought my head would explode with all the crap that life is saddled with these days. But then I realised I don't have to be like the rest. I really don't give a shit if people think I'm weird just because I choose not to conform to the stereotypes demanded by society. Don't get me wrong, I'm as guilty as the next man for coveting certain material items; I've just bought a shiny new Canon EOS 7D, but photography is my great passion so I can justify that in my own mind. If it was a diamante watch then...maybe not.

I was lucky enough to be able to move to a beautiful part of the country and find a good job and a nice home. I work hard and try to make the best of my free time, avoiding the rat race wherever I can. There are places so special here that I can completely leave the rest of the world behind and find the euphoria that only nature can bring. It can't be bottled and sold so stick that up your arse capitalists.

I hope you find your special place soon and leave the rest to get on with it. You'll never change them.

Yes, life is a bit like fishing, or if you're a fan of Forrest Gump, like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Haha, the Gump reference.
Story with the camera sounds familiar.

I am glad that most precious things in life cannot be bought at all.
Hope you are not too lonely in your alternative life. Good to have some fellows around :)

What is your opinion on the football world cup, will you ignore it completely, like I do? :D

Well, even if all these things are concerning me, I know that I will go my own way in life, without strangers selling things to me that I do not need.
I myself have discovered some nice places around here, too.
They are just priceless and sitting in the garden at home and reading a good book is so relaxing and financially affordable :)

Well, when you say: "You'll never change them." then I must answer that "them" I will never change indeed, but some people are still in the process of escaping the machine mentally and psychologically. Maybe I help them a little to take the right decisions. The mountains will stand unchanged, but single stones for sure will be moved.

PS: If you are interested in talking with me furthermore, I'd like to add you on my skype list. (If you can afford some time) I like to study the English language and talking to an Englishman is a great deal to me! If you are too busy, I will understand.

Cantabrigian Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Hi Jan

Sounds like we have much in common.

I am never lonely when nature is around me. The wildlife makes no demands on me yet gives so freely. I also have a partner to share the times when I can't be out in the wilds and she is of much the same way of thinking about life, so again I am very lucky. She would rather bury her head in a book about Tudor history than be browsing the high street shops for unnecessary bling.

I will watch some of the world cup games; I enjoy football when it is pure and hard fought, but the moment the overpaid ballerinas start diving at the slightest touch I will switch off.

I admire your determination to influence people for the good. I'm too old and cynical to bother trying anymore. Some of those single stones are pretty damn stubborn too. Good luck with that.

I'm so misanthropic that I don't do Skype, or any other social medium to be honest. I report sightings to a local bird watching blog and post photos on DA - that's about the extent of my social interaction. If you want to send me a note through DA with an email address I'm happy to exchange words now and then but I must warn you, I work long hours and try to be outdoors as often as possible when not working so I'm unlikely to be a prolific writer.

Best regards.


P.S. Even though you don't like football could you please promise not to beat us on penalties this tournament.
Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
I think I could have written the first paragraph myself, so true!
I am prone to say that: Trees neither want me to buy something, nor they want me to do something specific. So they are great comfort.
 - Glad to hear you have someone to share your life with!

"local bird watching blog" sounds very interesting. I was just browsing through your gallery, looks like there is a great variety of birds at your place.
(I'd like to visit that blog, if you could provide me with a link!)

I will send you my email-address. Trying to talk sometimes or rarely, is better than not talking at all. (Basically there is nothing to lose in such a bet).
I myself try to minimize my Internet usage as much as possible; virtually, I do not exist at many places and try to get some fresh air instead.
The good thing about writing emails is to have plenty of time to answer them at any appropriate time.

About football and the ballerinas; Basically you say you enjoy football itself and not all the nonsense surrounding it, I guess.
I am not sure I can promise such a thing, but I hope the English team sticks to fair playing at least as much as the Germans.
Of course, we won't endanger the English reputation at the world cup :D
Cantabrigian Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Thanks Jan, and many thanks also for all of your comments and watch. I notice you picked out quite a few of my humorous images. Aren't you Germans supposed to be lacking in humour while us Brits have the monopoly? Yet more stereotyping I suspect.

Unfortunately I have to go and do some of those long working hours tonight so I'll be signing off for now. You have my word that I will drop you an email in the very near future and we can put the world to rights or share some more philosophies.

Not sure England has a world cup reputation to endanger, but thanks for the sentiment. Last time we won it everything was in black and white. Now you've simply got to go out and buy the latest 62 inch, high definition, OLED, curved screen, android, surround sound, interactive, blah, blah, blah, blah, TV. Sadly many will. Poor misguided souls. But like I said, their choice, not my place to condemn.

Speak soon.

Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
My pleasure, sir!

Well, I guess I am not typically German, I do not have much in common with those living in this country here!
(Or both of us are just not typically 'human' which is even better!)

Maybe you should take away the colours from your TV then, it might help!

" the latest 62 inch, high definition, OLED, curved screen, android, surround sound, interactive, blah, blah, blah, blah, TV. "

Already quite dated - you missed the 3D feature and the ambilight :D (except you included them in the "blah, blah, blah" part which ironically sounds like the rest of the features!)
(Hope I am not loosing any watchers because of this statement!)
fredScalliet Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014   Photographer
Yes, please do be sand in the works !
Thinking-Silence Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Thanks for your comment!
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