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Today we have all reason to celebrate the Brexit! This is a success for truth, for sovereignity and democracy!
I am going to explain why:

For truth:

- because despite the massive manipulation of people's opinion and tries of the financial elites to get the mayority of votes for "stay", many people were not fooled by their stupid propaganda anymore! Despise all those "shiny" figures like Angela Merkel, President Obama, David Cameron, Yanet Yellen and all the support from the Wall Street Mafia they did not succeed.

For sovereignity:

- England now gave a clear sign that people are pissed with the EU, for very good reasons if you ask me. The support of EU will shrink furthermore, Countries like the Netherlands will be inspired to have their "Nexit" referendum and the politicians all over Europe and maybe even Hillary Clinton in the US have to admit that if they do not do what people want, nobody will vote for them anymore. If you look at Austria this is a brilliant example: There the "standart" status quo parties, which did not represent the people anymore have been kicked out of the parliament and new parties, which do represent the people much more are getting into power, luckily! (even the latest manipulation of elections in Austria will most probably be considered a SCAM as even the winning party had to admit the manipulation after the evidence was so strong that they would lose their face if they did not want new elections, despite the fact that they manipulated the results THEMSELVES for their own purpose - now of course they talk about an "accident", but it was obviously on purpose) It is theoretically possible that the British parliament IGNORES the results and decides to stay in the EU, but this will certainly be their death sentence on the next election as even the "stay" voters will see how little people can influence "their" own politicians.

For democracy:

- Because the EU parliament as Nigel Farage has put it (Watch one of my previous journals about "Brexit - The Movie" to find the quote): The EU is not undemocratic it is ANTIdemocratic. Nobody who is in power there is elected and the parliament (which Farage is a member of himself) has nothing to say and serves the main purpose of making the whole lobbyistic EU look like it is democracy - it could not be further from the truth.

Finally, I want to share with you an English video with German subtitles, so all my audience can understand it, in which Nigel Farage in 2010 spoke the truth about the EU president van Rompuy, he is also claiming to speak for more than half of the English people, which is proven to be correct now with the Brexit elections!

Now about the negative consequences of the Brexit:

Yes, the stock market is going down today like a freefall tower in an amusement park.
Yes, Germany will suffer from this, but I don't care, because I value democracy in Britain higher than German bankers interests and whatever
Everyone who is loosing a considerable amount of money today on the stock market should consider his fiscal strategies in the future, I will give further information why:

Whoever thinks that the Brexit is to blame for the economic downfall didn't really realize what has been happening on the market and the fiscal politics over the last (almost TEN) years. The crisis from 2008 was never solved, it was basically only postproned to a later date with the risk of causing a massive desaster for the whole world. Europe and America have lived on a cancerous money philosophy which ultimately has to fail and to take away all the money from the people because that is a natural law that the markets might rise linearly, whereas the debts are rising exponentially. You can see the difference here:


This means that any FIAT-money system HAS to crash at some point, no matter what EZB or FED are deciding, they are all slaves to this mathematical law and reaching the skyrocketing shape of an exponential debt is inevitable and only a matter of time. Whoever denies should look into history, there is NO SINGLE CURRENCY in the history of humankind which has NOT gone to ZERO at some point. (unless they were covered by gold standart, which was abandonded in the US in 1971:… )

This system has created a house of cards, which can or could be destroyed by some "small" event like a Brexit. But if not now, the chances are 100% that the big bang of the financial system is coming over the next three of four years. Get some information on the Internet how you can react adequately to safe you and your families, there are many ways to minimize the negative effects, even if they cannot be stopped. Get informed NOW, do not wait for a further panic.

And for goodness sake DON'T BUY STOCKS, unless you really know what you are doing. The stock market is a big bubble ready to burst, even from the slightest coughing. Companies like Facebook or Apple are a JOKE, they either have no real economic value (workers, factories, machines) like Facebook and the whole value of this stock is ridiculous and far from reality or they simply have all their production in China which makes them some empty shells regarding their quality. If you look at Deutsche Bank stocks, it has been going down since 2007 and I promise it is going to ZERO at some point, because the bank is basically ten times more bankrupt than it might be healthy. This bank owns 50 TRILLION dollars of derivatives, which is aproximately EIGHTEEN times more than the GDP of whole Germany. Check here, if you are capable of German language and you doubt the numbers:…

This means: Germany cannot safe this bank. Nobody can safe this bank and the idiots will be the people who still have all their money on their bank account, because they are basically giving a credit to the bank, until the bank is fulfiling this credit when you recieve the money. In case they crash, there are BAIL IN LAWS in Europe (most probably also in the US?!), which mean that YOU have to safe the bank with YOUR money on the bank and if all the money from the people is used to safe the bank THEN the state might interfere and try to do something, too. But nobody is able to safe the derivative bubbles worldwide. Every big bank worldwide owns such derivatives!! This is one of the reasons they want to get rid of CASH, because once you withdraw money from the bank, the bank cannot just confiscate it anymore - because you have spent it already on some candies, for instance ;)
They also cannot introduce negative loans on bank accounts, before getting rid of the cash, because otherwise everyone was just doing what I just told you and the bank system was basically pissed.

Go to and see their info graphics
This is quite shocking to anybody who does not know it, yet:…

There are plenty of graphics you should be interested in.
One more quote from Warren Buffet, concerning derivatives:

"In my view,derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal."

Finally, have a look at this excellent graphic:


So, for your own sake: DO SOMETHING, get information and prepare yourself accordingly!
Thanks for your interest!



Jan Laeton

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